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Welcome to the Third Rail Publications Permissions Page

To include all Third Rail Publications and Third Rail Books imprint titles. If you would like to request permission for excerpts and/or portions of books published by Third Rail Books US and Third Rail Publications Canada. Please submit a request in writing to [email protected]. Please make sure to detail how the property will be used and the intended audience. 

*Note: if you have previously submitted a request or have a request in the queue; please do not resubmit a new request. we will contact you as soon as we review your request for use. Thank you for your patience, you should expect to hear from us in two to five business days.  
What kinds of projects require permission?
  • Print, Digital or Audio
    • Use of excerpt(s)
    • image(s) within your publication (e.g. novel, anthology, textbook, test, etc.)
  • Broadcast
    • Television, radio, and/or digital broadcast.
  • Photocopy / Electronic Reserve
    • Make copies of, or provide digital access to, our content.
  • Musical setting
    • Set an excerpt or poem to music, with optional publication and performance rights of musical setting.
  • Magazine / Periodical
    • Use of excerpt(s)/image(s) within a magazine or academic periodical.
  • Theatrical performance
    • Dramatic performance. Also for the us of non-dramatic live readings.